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100 Great One-Page Coin Articles

Helpful Sites

U.S. Coin Price Guide


Error Coin Price Guide

Printable U.S. Coin Checklist

eBay – Coins & Paper Money

Best Free Ebay Sniping Program

ANA Website

Currency Converter

Coin Website Link site

Educational U.S. Coin Sites

Inside a Chinese Coin Counterfeiting Ring

1943-S Copper Penny Found in Circulation

Error Coin Examples

Top 10 Most Valuable U.S. Coins Found in Pocket Change

100 Great One Page Coin Articles

Coins of our World's Fairs & Expos

History of Wooden Money in the U.S.

Numismatic Quizzes

U.S. Coins Quiz: Level I

U.S. Coins Quiz: Level II

U.S. Currency Quiz: Level I

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Educational Foreign Websites

How to clean Ancient Coins

Mis-struck World Coins - A Tutorial

Mistruck Coins & Error Pieces (with values)

Early Dated Coins Website by Sean Breazeal  

Earliest Dated (1234) A.D. European Coin 

1204 E.S. Dated Toledo Obol

Coin Shows

Massapequa Club Coin Show - October 6,2012

Coin World - Event & Show Calendar

Whitman Coin & Collectible Expo

ANA World's Fair of Money Convention

NY International Numismatic Convention

Dealer Websites

Long Island Rare Coins - Buddy Alleva

CNG Coins

Coins of Micro Nations

Antarctica Banknotes

Amy's   Aviva-la Ebay World

Jims Coins & Lucias Tokens

Fun Websites

The #1 Coin Collector Video- have sound on

Copper Penny Generator

Catch the Cat -I dare you-Its addictive

Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting - New York coupons


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